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Do Directors Have Time for Health & Safety Training?

We are often asked why Directors and Senior Managers need health and safety training. Often they say “I don’t work machines. I don’t drive forklift trucks; so why do I Read more…

How Likely Are Directors to be Jailed for Health & Safety Offences?

Find out by watching this short video with Ian Clements, MD of Quadriga Health & Safety.

Importance of Managing HSE Investigations

It is important to manage Health and Safety Executive investigations and interventions properly because they are an enforcement authority with very wide ranging powers.

How Quickly Should you Act on Reports of Danger?

It’s important that companies have arrangements to act promptly on reports of danger. An example is a major electricity supply company, supplying London and the Southeast of England. They had Read more…

Plan Systems of Work to Avoid Accidents

Planned systems of work, particularly for high-risk activities, are vitally important, for preventing employees from improvising and doing something in a dangerous way.

Legal Privilege and Health and Safety

Legal privilege, particularly in the context of health and safety, is the concept where certain types of documents and information can be withheld from a court or from the health Read more…

Vicarious Liability at the Office Party

In our previous blog we gave you an example of how a major supermarket was ruled to be vicariously liable for the actions of one of their employees. Watch this Read more…

Vicarious Liability at the Petrol Station

Many organisations and people are confused about the term “vicarious liability” as it is applied to health and safety. Vicarious liability in this context is the liability in civil law Read more…

Competent Health & Safety Advice – Do You Need it?

Directors of companies need competent Health & Safety advice both as a legal reason and for a practical one. There is a specific legal requirement for a company that is Read more…

People in Focus: Coronavirus and Beyond – Health and Safety Issues and Returning to Work

As lockdown eases and businesses prepare plans to return people to their workplace, health and safety will be at the fore.  Ian Clements, Managing Director of Quadriga Health and Safety, Read more…


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