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How Could the HSE Fee for Intervention Affect Your Organisation?

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has a Fee for Intervention scheme which is invoked when an inspector considers a duty holder – usually a company or an organization – Read more…

Grenfell Tower Fire: What is the Impact of Health and Safety Regulations?

The horrific circumstances of the Grenfell Tower fire will etch in the minds of regulators 14 June 2017 as a sea change in UK fire safety legislation and enforcement practice. Read more…

Health and Safety Issues for the Self Employed: Gym Instructors

There’s a lot of confusion about the changes to Health and Safety legislation relating to the self employed. Watch this short video if you’re a gym instructor or you run Read more…

Sentencing Guidelines: What Do Individuals Need to Know?

On 1 February 2016, the Sentencing Guidelines Council introduced a new guideline in relation to corporate offences. It also applies to individual Health and Safety Offences, including those committed by Read more…

Sentencing for Health and Safety Offences for Small Businesses

For small businesses with a turnover in the range of £2-10 million which commit Health and Safety offences, new guidelines, brought in on 1 February 2016, suggest fines that could Read more…

Safety at Work – Christmas Tree Fires

At this time of year the festive season is well under way. Houses and offices become the bearers of festive cheer with tinsel-strewn Christmas trees, fairy lights and baubles of Read more…

Sentencing for Corporate Manslaughter Offences for Large Businesses

The Sentencing Council has issued a definitive guideline on sentencing for health and safety offences which the courts have to take into account. If you run an organisation with a Read more…

Can Health & Safety Executive Inspection Charges Affect Your Company if You Breach H&S Requirements?

Find out how Health & Safety Executive Inspection charges could affect your company if you breach H&S requirements in this short video.

Why should Directors have an appropriate understanding of Health and Safety in their company?

Recent fines and jail sentences that have been handed out to company Directors as a result of health and safety breaches are increasing. Find out here why you need to Read more…

Fee for Intervention

In 2012, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) brought in a new charging scheme called Fee for Intervention (FFI). Businesses found to be in ‘material breach’ of health and safety Read more…


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