Health and Safety Training – What Do Your Employees Need to Know?

It is really important that employees of all organisations receive Health and Safety training, so that they don’t make errors which could cause danger to themselves or other people. It is very easy for an organisation to be found at fault, as a result of employees not receiving the correct training. How else can an organisation expect staff to behave in the way that it wishes them to, to operate in the way that it wants them to, or to follow the procedures that they have in place?

Employee training needs to be appropriate to the different levels of the organisation. For some this could be skills training, such as forklift truck driver training, or awareness training for the specific hazards they are engaged in. Managers will need training in how the Health and Safety procedures operate, how they manage their staff with respect to Health and Safety, what the company expects of them and what their responsibilities are. Directors need training in terms of how their overall Health and Safety management system operates, how they should monitor it and what information they should get at a Board level.

We don’t put people in charge of major financial transactions without training, because of the risks to the organisation. We don’t put people in charge of expensive plant and equipment without training. Why should we therefore put people at risk of injuring others and themselves, by not giving them the right Health and Safety training? Furthermore, if the directors of an organisation are expecting certain things to happen and their employees to behave in a certain way, they need to set that expectation through their own training.

At Quadriga we run a range of open and in house Health and Safety training courses. Click here to find out more or call us on 0118 929 9920 to arrange for specific training for your employees.

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