Sentencing for Corporate Manslaughter Offences for Large Businesses

The Sentencing Council has issued a definitive guideline on sentencing for health and safety offences which the courts have to take into account. This took effect on 1 February 2016 and makes a radical change in the levels of fines that are now being suggested. For example, for a large organization, which is defined as one with a turnover in excess of £50 million, the suggestion is the starting point for a corporate manslaughter offence with serious culpability of £7.5 million, with a range of £4.8 to £20 million depending on the level of culpability. In other words if an offence is deemed to be serious, £7.5 million is the starting point for the fine. If there are mitigating factors, it might relax that back to £4.8 million, but if there exacerbating factors and more serious issues, it might actually rise to £20 million.

The guideline says that for organizations which have a turnover greater than £50 million, the £20 million limit may not be sufficient.

This is a radical change to what has happened in the past where we’ve seen fines of £1 and £2 million. It means that if your business turns over more than £50 million, you need to understand the impact of health and safety offences, not only in terms of the reputation of your organisation, but also in financial terms and how a fine could affect your business.

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